Thursday, September 25, 2014

Week 4 Sleepers Studs n Duds

Sorry about the lapse last week. Doot was returning from Lambeau Field forming his very own trail of tears behind him and Seedog was...somewhere being a good father and hubby to his birthday wife...Happy Birthday Kim!

Moving forward, we'll have these babies out to you on Wed or Thursday to help you out (or give you someone to blame.)

So without further adieu, I bring to you the Jersey Dude's Sleepers, Studs n Duds for Week 4. Good luck!



 Fitzpatrick could have a good day vs the Bills, Fitz is a nice sneaky start this week, call it a hunch.

Asiata gets to shred the Falcons D this week, he should have a nice start this week.

Blount, not sure why I like him this week, TB D is good, but he might have a chip on his shoulder going up against his old team.

James Jones sneaky bye week start, OAK is always throwing in the 2nd half.

Malcom Floyd Is another nice bye week start, him and Philip Rivers are always on the same page.

Kelce is the passing option in KC, plus they will be playing from behind, they may get steam rolled by the Pats.


Brees has a tasty matchup in Dallas, could be a Texas shootout, and I see the Saints showing up armed and dangerous with Bees.

Cousins should keep rolling after last week, plus he gets the Giants D, enough said.

Forte is a stud, as long as he stays healthy plug him in every week.

Murray best RB this season, if he avoids the injury bug, could have a career year, also see Romo blurb.

A Brown most consistent WR to date, he will put numbers up every game, look at his last 14 games going back to last season.

Edelman, meet the new Welker in New England, PPR gold, plug him in, guaranteed points.

Olsen is the forgotten TE, if your not on Jimmy or Gronk, this NJ native should be your guy.

Gronk is Brady's WR2, if he is healthy, play him every week, plus the Pats got KC.


Arod and Coach seem to not be on the same page, plus they got a rough division matchup against the Bears.

Romo is off to a slow start, coming back from back from his surgery, plus with way they are running the ball, I see another mediocre week for Tony.

Gerhart was way over drafted, and JAX stinks, MJD was smart to run away.

Bush will have some tuff sledding against the Jets D this week, he may snag a few grabs, but you don't get much YAC out of the backfield against the Jets.

Wheaton faces a tuff TB D, not sure why but I see boring one with some running, and lots of A. Brown.

Cecil Shorts is in for a slow day, think Blake will be on all the young WR's on the team. Look at the Cecil and Blake connection to take some time.

Ertz is off to a great start this season, but he get the Niners D this week, think he may be quiet this week.

Allan is hit or miss, plus TEN D may give them some issues this week.


QB Teddy Bridgewater – Playing against a high scoring but mediocre defense Atlanta team, at home, could mean a big day for Bridgewater. I wouldn’t bet the house on him, but he could surprise people and will likely be a good value play for the $$ in Daily lineups. Backup plan: Romo

WR Cecil Shorts –  Yes it’s Bortles's first game, but Jacksonville will likely be playing from behind early in the game, which means they’ll probably take to the air, and Shorts should be the #1 target. He’s a good GPP play here. Backup plan: Golden Tate

RB Donald Brown – With Matthews and Woodhead both out and a favorable matchup vs Jax, I expect big things from Brown. Brown was actually a sleeper pick for me in my year-long fantasy team too..he has always flown under the radar, but now as the lead dog, I think his could make it ruff for opposing defenses. Backup plan: Astiata

TE – Owen Daniels – Pitta’s out for the year, and Daniels has always been a decent play in years past. The talent’s still there, and I think the targets might warrant a look for him. At the very least he’s a good punt option in GPPs. Backup plan: Niles Paul

DEF Oakland is awful, no doubt. And they’re awfully cheap. Playing against a Dolphins team in a major state of turmoil (since the offseason and spilling into the regular season. Heck, the coach wont even name Tannehill the starter for the week.) Plus, both teams are travelling across the pond to play in England. I'm expecting more of a futbol score than a football score.

QB/WR Stafford/Megatron – With a depleted secondary that was of secondary talent when healthy, the Jets are prone to get lit up in the air yet again this week. Their run defense is stellar, so the Lions will likely abandon that early and take to the air. I don’t see anyone who can cover Megatron, and that is bad news for my J-E-T-S…
RB DeMarco Murray – expect to see him continue to pound the ground and rack up at least 100 yards, a TD, with another 25 yards receiving and 3-6 receptions against a very mediocre NO defense.
TE Jimmy Graham – he is expensive, no doubt, but I’m not sold on Dallas’s defense not being as bad as we expected at the start of the year. Expect a high scoring game here, and expect Graham to be a big part of it.
Def – Carolina – Their defense is gooooood, really good, and should be a top choice this week if you want to pay for them. Also consider San Diego.

QB Brady – he’s just not clicking with his offense now, and I’ve got a hunch Arrowhead will get the most of him and limit his productivity. We shall see. I could be totally wrong, but I’m going with my gut here (and it’s a big gut to go with..)
WR Brandon Marshall – he was held out of practice again today, Thursday, and didn’t look to be himself at all last week vs a porous Jets secondary. I’m staying away…if he has a good game, good for him, and good for anyone with enough balls to play him. It wont be me..
RB Bush/Bell – as much as I poo-poo the Jets secondary, their run defense is pretty kickass. Expect that trend to continue on Sunday

Note: As you can see, one man's trash is another man's treasure...and that's the beauty of fantasy sports. Let's see who nailed it and who got nailed..

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