Sunday, September 7, 2014

Welcome to the JerseyDudes!

Each week (and during the week), we will be sharing our thoughts and opinions on all things sports (baseball, football, even some hockey!), in both season-long fantasy, DFS (Daily Fantasy Sports), and on our favorite teams.

JerseyDudes consists of two dudes, Seedog and doot, life-long friends from Glen Rock, N.J. More on us later...

Without further adieu, we bring you our weekly NFL Week 1's Sleepers, Studs n Duds.



Sean Hill
Kenny Britt
Brian Quick
V. Salsa Cruz
C. Patterson
Jordan Matthews
Fred Jackson
K. Robinson

There's a good shot the Lions offense will steam roll the Giants on MNF, which could mean a good fantasy day for Eli and Cruz.
If you're looking to save money, look no further than Hill, Stacy, Austin and Britt. The money you can save with a few of these guys should be more than enough to help you get that extra stud in your lineup.
Since I think Min will be playing from behind and Patterson is about a decade younger than Jennings, I think Patterson might be a good play, and you can plug in Rudolph if you don't want to pay for Graham.


Julio Jones
Reggie Bush

Not only do I love Julio Jones this week, but he could be the #1 WR this Season in Fantasy. Pay for him in weekly games now while his price isn't too high.
Forte will be in BEAST mode. Pay for him; he is good.
Jimmy Graham HAS to be in your lineup; look to punt elsewhere this week and play him!
Oh, and if you can find a way to pay up for Brees, start him. In case you missed it: 1. He is good. B. He likes domes.


Mike Wallace
ALFred Morris
Tennessee backfield
Rashad Jennings
Bernard Pierce

 Houston's D is a little underrated and not being talked up like it has years back. With that said, it could be a long day for the 'skins..

Due to the fact that Mike Wallace will be a VIP guest on Revis Island, I think he's in for a long day and do not expect him to

 Pick of the Week: Stacy/T. Austin



M. Lee - I suspect Philadelphia will roll today; with Shorts out and Jax prob playing from behind, making Lee a super-sleeper
Maclin, Ertz - with Philadelphia racking up the points, I think Maclin and Ertz will be targeted early and often, making them both solid and relatively cheap plays today. And if you go with Maclin and Ertz, might as well go with Foles as well. 
Cooks - See below on New Orleans
Vereen - I'm calling him a sleepy stud. I'll call him a sleeper today, but I think after a few weeks he'll have elevated himself to Stud Status. Especially in PPR leagues, I suspect Vereen to have a big game vs the Fins.


Everything New Orleans - Brees, Graham, and Cooks. Stills is questionable, which makes Graham even more valuable, and Cooks a good sneaky play this week.
Jones - As Seedog said, Jones will be a stud all year; I suspect this Atl/NO game will be a shootout, so I think Jones is fine for today and for the long run.


I agree with Seedog that Wash may struggle this year, and Houston has a solid defense, so I'm thinking *the NFL team from Washington* may struggle today.
Eli & the G-men - I don't say this because A. I'm a Jets fan 2. I think Eli is overrated, I say this because it sounds like they've been really struggling in camp. They're having a hard time adapting to the new playbook, their O-line is questionable, Eli and Randle seem out of sync, Beckham is still out, and who's their TE? Ugg, with all that said, I think the Lions will keep 'em scrambling and will be putting up points, and I dont think the Giants offense is capable of countering. I'm staying away.

Pick of the Day: Jets Defense - now I'm going to contradict myself a bit here and say there's a remote chance that Carr will pick apart the Jets weak Secondary, but more likely than not Rex will be throwing the kitchen sink at the Raiders and Carr will be scrambling, out of sync, and lost. I think the Jets offense is good enough to keep the Raiders off the field, and they could score some tasty fantasy points from Sacks, perhaps an Int or two, and low scoring.

Good Luck Everyone!
May the balls bounce your way and our suggestions get you over the edge. Win your Head to Heads and cash in your Dailies!

Later this week we'll do our Monday Morning QB in Hindsight and analyze our picks to let you know where we excelled and where (and why) we failed.

Until then, bear with is while we get some order and consistency going.

As always, comments are always WELCOME AND ENCOURAGED.

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