Saturday, September 13, 2014

Well, Week 1 results left a lot of people scratching their heads. Sadly, NFL news left us scratching our heads even more, for all the wrong reasons.

Thankfully, our focus will be back ON the field tomorrow, with  actual football, where physical abuse is encouraged and legal (usually).

So without further adieu, I bring you our Week 2 Sleepers Studs n Duds...



Luck-my top play
Peyton-he is good, if you can afford.

McCoy-will shred the Colts
Gio-PPR gold

AJ Green- ATL secondary Jets like (meaning weak)
D Thomas- he is good, play if u can afford
A Johnson- Safe solid play
M Floyd- 2 words Gmen Defense

Gronk- he's healthy, and he's Brady's only option besides Edelman
Olsen- my top play


Brady- good value
Geno- should but up great 2nd half numbers playing from behind

Foster- still has it, has pretty good matchup
McFadden- no MJD and cheap
CJ2K- my top sleeper, love him in GB

J Hunter- like him a bunch this week.
J Matthews- Chip Kelly, cheap

K Rudolph- cheap solid play if you don't want to pay,


Rivers- Seattle D
Eli- his football skills are gone,presumably buried with Jimmy Hoffa in the old Giants Stadium.

R Bush- Scrappy CAR D
R Jennings-see ELi, will be behind and chucking

K Allen-SEA D
Crabtree - Still a little banged up
DJax- not quite fitting in yet in WAS

J Cameron- not feeling him against a decent Saints D
L. Green-not only did he play like a bum last week, he was drafted too early, plus he also gets SEA D.

Defense/ST Report:

A few I like:


*Don't over pay for a K if the site makes you play one, find the cheapest serviceable option:

R Bullock



J. Locker - **News Flash** Dallas’s defense is awful. Locker’s still cheap. Get him.
M Lee – Shorts is doubtful, meaning Lee should get ample looks on Sunday. He is still underpriced, and will likely be utilized often in this week’s matchup vs. Washington. Pick him up while he’s still cheap.
Boykin – Rodgers likes to share the wealth. Although Jordy and Cobb seem to get all the attention, Boykin might get some love this week at Lambeau vs. a weak Jets secondary. I wouldn’t be surprised if he lands 50+ yards and a TD as the #3 receiver GB. He is high risk, high reward, but a damn good punt WR pick this week with tons of up-side.
Jeremy Kerley – Sometimes I just have a hunch on someone. With Geno likely playing from behind shortly after kickoff vs the Packers, I suspect they’ll utilize the passing game early and often. As a solid slot receiver, I’ve got an inkling that Kerley might have a big game. Tis just a hunch, but my hunches seem to pan out more often then they should, so I’m going with it and plugging him into a couple of my GPP lineups this week.
Terrence West – Tate is out, meaning West will be leading the charge. NO let up 5 YPC last week vs Atlanta. That trend could continue this week. 


A Rodgers - After an underwhelming start last week vs. Seattle, Aaron Rodgers is underpriced this week. Add to it the Jets solid run defense and JV Secondary and you’ve got a recipe for a big big game from Rodgers.
Dalton – Atlanta gave up a ton of receiving yards last week vs. NO, and I think the trend continues this week when they take on the Bengals. Expect big numbers from Dalton this week.
SF Defense – Chicago has B Marshall and Jeffrey both questionable, and lost two offensive linemen. This could lead to big points for SF’s defense.


P Rivers – Seattle’s defense is good. Damn good. I’m staying away.
K. Allen – See above.
A. Gates – See above.

Well, in the words of the late great Mel Blanc, until next time....that's all folks! Good luck!

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